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Name: Chloe
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((I don't normally post RP from Trumblr here due to them being way too long and confusing to edit. However this is a nice short n' sweet RP I did with TheChangerOfFates. Enjoy!))

A sudden snap of a twig in the bushes close to him caused Archer to turn to face the disturbance. He soon became aware of the fact that someone, or something, was watching him. However whatever it was, he couldn't make out any form of light emanating from that area. Raver sat there, keeping his foot firmly planted on the twig that he had crushed beneath him. This was never going to work if he wasn't more careful. He silently cursed himself before watching Archer turn back forward cautiously.

There was an audible grumble that rumbled in Archer’s throat as he paused, listening for further sounds with a visible frown on his face. After a moment remaining still, he glanced into the vegetation that surround him, glistening with a thick layer of frost of the night. Although such beauty was the last thing on this Slender’s mind as Raver could see Archer’s finger tips were elongated and sharp, and have been like this since he found him in this woodland. Raver would easily sense frustration building in the hooded Slender’s core.

Raver knowing however he’d be in big trouble if he were caught, he quickly teleported behind a nearby tree on the other side of Archer. He placed a palm firmly on the base of the tree, moving to peak around the tree in order to spot Archer once more. Raver spotted the overhang of a bigger branch directly over where Archer would soon be walking and teleported once more, placing his hand on the branch to steady himself once he began to tilt backwards. The branch that he sat on could hold him, but only just. He made sure to move very carefully as to not put any more weight on one side than the other for fear of it snapping.

Archer could hear the branch above him creek under the weight of Raver, but didn’t flinch. Instead his stiffened his sharpened fingers and shifted hid posture to a more sturdy stance. In a blink of an eye Raver suddenly felt weight on his shoulders and the branch snap as he fell to the group harshly. Archer stood hunched over Raver with one knee to the ground, teeth bared, white tendrils furling about from his spine. Archer gripped Raver’s throat, points of his fingers about to sever his flesh. But just like that, Archer released his grip and leap back upon realizing his error. He snarled angrily, tendrils still moving behind him.

“What the hell Raver!?” Archer spat. Of course, it was more out of shock because he almost killed a friend.

Throughout the time that he was thrown to the ground and nearly killed, Raver knew that he was, in ever sense of the word, fucked. However, as soon as Archer recognized who he was and let go of his throat, he let out a few sputtering coughs before laughing and sitting up, a hand holding his throat as if comforting it

"Dammit, Archer, you ruined my joke! I was supposed to surprise you, ya damn goof!" Raver stood back up, still smiling as he spread his arms wide and hooked them around Archer in a big hug. "I’ve missed you Archie. How’ve things been?"

Archer was pretty tense, Raver could feel it during his brotherly embrace he gave. Even Archer’s claws cease to ease from their sharpen state.

“I’ve been fine…” He said rather calmly compared to his yelling moments ago. Freeing himself from Raver grip with his claws shrinking, he proceeded to rub his temples and sigh deeply. “Christ I thought you was someone else.” He mumbled.

Another, more tranquil sigh escaped Archer as his tensed body and mind was slowly easing down to a more calmer state. He gave Raver a long look before forcing a smile. Indeed, he was pleased to see his friend. But the thought of nearly killing him lingered.

“Raver, you really ‘ort to not sneak up on me like that.” Archer he lectured, glancing away. “And as for your question. I’m doing just fine. You kinda caught me in the middle of something here. But it can wait, the trail has fallen cold anyway.” He huffs then glanced back with a cocked, fleshy brow. “How ‘bout you? You got some news or you just being a usual ass to me?” He joked smirking.

"Hey, I am not an ass. I’m… ill-mannered." Raver smirked, nudging Archer with an elbow. "Anyways, yeah. I’m just here to hang out with ya. But if you’re really set on finding whatever it is you’re looking for, I wouldn’t mind helping you out. Gods know you need improvement with your tracking skills, after all. Who is it you were looking for in here?" Raver asked him, crossing his arms and looking around at the forest that surrounded them.

Archer huffed at Raver’s comment.
“Nothing worth your time, it’s a slippery one and I’m debating if it’s even worth my time either.” He said then frowned. “You haven’t been following me for long have you?”

"No, just started roughly… 15 minutes ago give or take a little. Raver raised an eyebrow at Archer You aren’t still trying to find a way to kill you-know-who are you? Please tell me it’s not him that you’re after, because you know as much as I do that taking him on alone is a suicide mission. Well, that or much worse of a fate." Raver leaned on a nearby tree, realizing that they might stay there talking a bit longer. He habitually began to scratch at the bark with one of his sharpened fingers as they conversed back and forth to one another. "Sorry I haven’t been around as much as I should be, but why don’t we do something fun to make up for lost times, yeah? Go on and take your pick on what you wanna do tonight and I’ll make sure to make this the best night of your sad little life." Raver said, teasing Archer in order to elicit a response.

Archer scoffed at Raver, folding his arms. “I gave up hunting that sack of shit years ago. I just like to, you know, keep him under my radar just in case.” He shrugged, his state of mind finally easing completely. But Raver was right, it has been an age since these two got up to mischief. The thought of it made Archer grin, and perk up to Raver’s suggestion. “But sure, maybe a break is what I need?” He commented and gestured at Raver. “Since you offered. You got anything in mind? If not we could always go through my supply of liquor back at my place and see which of us will last this time? I’ll have you know I’m also no longer a lightweight.” He smirks confidently.  

"Pssshh! You may no longer be a lightweight, but ya have to keep in mind how long I’ve been around. You’re only JUST becoming a hard drinker while I on the other hand have been drinking like this long before you were even born into this world as a human!" Raver hooked an arm around Archer’s neck and the world as they saw it vanished into utter blackness until finally, they reappeared in a loud and rather rowdy pub of Irish folk.

Raver seemed a little dizzy from the distance, but soon regained his composure. Traveling to Ireland itself would have damn-near put him out of commission, but luckily the pub they were at was one that he knew of nearby. "But let’s just see how good you really are, yeah? Make sure you’re not just all talk. I imagine you can hold your own, I mean how else are you gonna drown out all your demons?" Raver took a seat at a nearby table for two, waving two fingers in the air only to be spotted by a rather large man that was serving people behind the bar.

Once the man spotted Raver, he let out a loud bellow and moved to greet the two, a huge smile plastered across his face. The man wore overalls that extended a tad too far and he had a large, bushy mustache that covered his upper lip like a giant caterpillar.

"Raver, my friend! How have you been? I haven’t seen yur face here in agus!" The man placed a meaty hand on Raver’s shoulder, patting him like a close friend. He had a somewhat strong Irish accent that felt warm and welcoming "And just who is yur friend here? Is he anoder one of yur kind?"

"It’s good to see you too, Connal! I’ve been good. Traveling around too much, though. Seeing lots and lots of people. Not enough time to make it back over here, I’m afraid." Raver looked back over at Archer, smiling "Yes, this is a very good friend of mine. His name is Archer. Archer, this is Connal. Connal and I’ve been friends ever since I saved his little girl from another one of our kind. Anyways, Connal, I brought him with me because we’re having a little… challenge… so to say; you know, the usual."

"And I will never forget what you did for me my friend. it is so good ta finally meet anoder one of your kind, Archer. Any friend of Raver’s is a friend of mine! I’ll go and get the drinks for you two! But be warned, my friend, this man right here has a record for this place. He won’t easily be beaden when it comes to drinking!" He turned around facing the crowd of onlookers that were staring at the two oddities. "TONIGHT, WE PARDY!" He bellowed out, moving to get the drinks. This was greeted with a roar of approval from the crowd, and suddenly none of them had their attentions on Raver or Archer anymore.

"He’s a bit loud, but you’ll get used to him. At least we get free drinks, yeah? Now buckle up, because things are about to get interesting." Raver said, excited for what the night may bring.

It was a little bit overwhelming at first for Archer to take all in. After all he’d gone from hunting alone in the Forest of Dean, to a full blown Irish pub filled to the brim with noise and smells. Although, the friendly atmosphere was most welcomed as he leaned back in his wooden chair with a creek. “Damn, this is far from a quiet night I had in mind. But I think I like this better!” Archer smiled brightly flicking his hood back. “Although I think you are just showing off that you made friends with an Irish Pub owner now. But you see Raver this your down fall. Finally a crowd will see me wipe the floor with you. First to drink till they fall?” He smirked with mischief.

"You talk as if there’s any other way of doing it!" Raver leaned back in his chair as the drinks arrived in a massive platter, spilling slightly as they touched the table. Raver grabbed a mug, holding it up to Archer as a form of toast to their challenge.

Turning back around to the crowd that had gathered in the pub, Connal began shouting. "Go ahead, lads, place yur bets here! Who’s gonna win? The undefeated Champion? Or the mysterious newcomer?" This was met with loud shouting and excitement from the crowd as they placed their bets on who they thought would win.

Archer smiled sheepishly as the crowd around them gathered. The challenge itself wasn’t so much the reason why Archer felt a little nervous. But the numerous eyes now on them both. It has been an age since Archer has been in a crowd this big, at least one where they all notice him there. However Raver was here, nothing to worry about right? Casting concerns aside, he picked up his own pint of lager and gave Raver a grin.
“May the best fugly freak win.” He rose his glass, clanking it with Raver’s before proceeding to gulp down the liquor with ease.  
"May the best fugly freak win." Raver repeated, copying Archer’s actions, grinning as he wept the small trail of foam from his lips. He picked up another pint, toasting to the air before his skin teared at the mouth even more, allowing his mouth to open wider than before and down the pint in one large gulp. He gave Archer a sly grin, still seeming to be perfectly sober. "Come on Archer, is that all ya got? It’s gonna take more than normal drinking to beat me, good friend." Raver grabbed two more mug’s, tossing both down quickly before shaking his head quickly and slamming them both on the table. The crowd went wild before turning to Archer to see what he would do.

“Such a shame, you gathered a big crowd just to watch me humiliate you.” Archer picks up a pint, gulping it down in mere seconds before moving for another, then a third glass barely even stopping. A human probably would of ended up drowning themselves at that point. Archer however wasn’t human, and impressed the crowds by doing so. He gasped loudly, pausing for a moment before smirking at Raver with his froth mustache he earned from his drinks. “Your turn.”

"Oooo~! You’re a lot of talk for such a tiny little man. You are a man, right? Too bad I’m gonna have to put ya back in your place, sweetheart~." Raver grabbed four more mugs, his tendrils grabbing two of them, and he chugged them each one after the other until each one was empty. Finally, he grabbed two more and downed both at the same time, holding them upside down at an angle that would allow the stream to be poured right into his mouth. "I could do this all day, buddy. I’m only just gettin’ started." A sudden idea sprung to mind for his next show of dominance.

Archer huffed at Raver more in amusement than anything. Raver has some nerve to drag Archer into this situation can gloat in his face in front of many. But Archer knew this was becoming futile. Alcohol was like venom to a Slender. The more they drink it, the less prone their body lean to dull the side effects. His vision was a little wavy, at least he could still think straight for now.

“You know Raver, I’m not surprised you can drink that much with a mouth as big as yours.” He joked earning a few chuckles from the crowd. Archer smirked and started on another time, determining if he should up the game himself too.

Raver turned to find Connal among the crowd, still taking bets from the onlookers. "CONNAL! Get your ass over here!" He waved his hand, calling him over. Once Connal came close enough for Raver to talk to, He leaned in and whispered into his ear something that couldn’t quite be made out by Archer. Connal erupted with laughter.

"You are one crazy man, I’ll tell ya dat." Connal turned, going behind the bar and dragging some of his employees into the back room.

Staring at Archer, he folded his arms across his chest and smirked. "This is pointless. These drinks aren’t nearly enough for us. College kids could do better than this easily. It’s time that we brought out the big guns." Not shortly after he mentioned this, a group of workers carried out two big barrels of beer and set them each on the table so that the faucet on them were pointing off of the table. I hope that you’re still able to stand, Archie. First one to fall over while drinking loses.

The look of pure self doubt flickered on Archer’s smooth face. Was Raver serious? Maybe Archer was going to drown after all. Still, not a bad way to go. Although he couldn’t help but see how ridiculous it all was.

“You can’t be serious. What do you expect me to do? Swim in it?” His quizzed unfurling in white tendrils with a cocked brow.  

A wicked grin spread across Raver's face "Of course not! That’s for afterwards. For now though, we’re gonna drink it!" Raver said, laughing at his own joke. He looked around at the crowd who were all cheering the moment the barrels came out. "Unless your too chicken, of course. Bawk! Bawk bawk bawk!" The inner child in him let loose with his buzz, and he got in Archer’s face clucking like a chicken. "Better drink up, Archie. You’ve got bets placed on your ass."

Archer just smirked at the other gloating Slender, almost savoring the insults that where thrown at him. He leaned on the table with the dangerous smirk still torn on his face.

“What was it we said? First to fall?” Archer grinned wider, and at that moment a loud snap underneath Raver chair sounded. Raver toppled backwards along with his drink onto the floor just missing a few people in the crowd while Archer howled with laughter.

Although, victory was short lived for Archer as he tilted too far back himself while he was laughing, falling back with his chair and drink also. Now both of them laid on the floor of the pub, drenched in alcohol. Raver noticed after a brief moment that the legs of his chair where snapped inwards. It was then Raver realized Archer had used one of his tendrils to slyly snap the legs from under the table. Archer however was now having a giggle fit on the floor as karma bit him right in the backside for cheating.

After all, they didn’t say HOW they would fall. He was only playing by what ever crazy rules were made.    

After he realized what had happened, he busted out laughing. "You- ahah… you fucking dumbass. But hey, a bet’s a bet. You stood standing the longest, so I guess you win. I’ve taught you well, young padawan." Raver crawled over next to archer, getting oh his knees and bowing to him. Half of the crown groaned their disapproval, however the other half let out cheers of victory as they got money for their bets. "Now that you won, what’s gonna be your reward? We never actually decided on one, but hey, it’s never too late."

Archer shook his head, his smile cease to fade.
“Nah there are no prizes here mate. Besides you technically won that. I did break your chair…” He chuckled. “…Or maybe the weight of your ego crushed the poor thing!” He laughed.

"My ego’s the size of a fucking elephant. I’m the one who keeps the Earth in control and not running into any planets or the sun my ego’s so big." The alcohol was finally taking a major tole on him, making it sound as though what he actually said made any sense at all and impairing his vision a bit. He chuckled, rolling over and lying on his back with his hands linked together on his abs. "So what now? Do you wanna go back to my place and hang out a bit or do something a bit more fun~?" Raver asked, smiling. He enjoyed the time that they shared together, and furthermore it made him happy to be friends with Archer. Raver didn’t have too many people that he could be himself with, and he felt strangely at ease with Archer.

A huge sigh escaped Archer as the crowd around slowly left the two strange beings alone, mostly bored already of them. Although the Archer was still smiling. He hasn’t felt this great in a long time. The edge he has felt for a long time was taken off his shoulders.

“You have a place of your own? I always took you to be a sofa surfer type.” He said honestly. “But whatever, I’m up for anything.” He shrugs.

Archer leans up, stomach stirring with booze and head spinning a tad to see Connal at the bar watching them. He points to the shattered chair and yells over.

“I’ll pay to that!” Archer sheepishly yells. 

"Pffft! Of course I have my own place man~. It’s off in the woods~! No one ever comes out there so it’s a bit lonely, but YOU could always come out there~!" His words came out slurred and light as he spoke, motioning with a finger for Archer to come forward. Once Archer did, he giggled while he spoke "You could come other places too if you want~." He whispered, bursting out into a fit of laughter. He was slowly losing it as the night progressed, the alcohol in his system wearing him down until his inhibitions were as completely smashed as he was. "I wouldn’t mind at all~…" He poked his tongue out, a glazed expression spread across his face.

Archer just covered his hand roughly into Raver’s face (or lack of face) not wanting to see that goofy grin. He knew what Raver as getting at, but oddly enough it wasn’t bothering him as much as it used to. Least Archer this time isn’t as drunk as Raver to realize that.

“Yeeeeah I’m sure you wouldn’t, would you? You glow stick lovin’ freak.” He said pushing back on Raver’s face with a grin. “I’ll have you know I’m calling dibs on the couch this time.”

"Hell yeah man… you know I am~." Raver rolled back over onto his stomach and lifted himself up, swaying a bit as he grabbed onto the table "But that’s a no-can-do buddy. It’s my house, so It’s my rules. You’re taking the bed because it’s much nicer. I’ll take the couch. Plus, I’m too drunk to feel any kind of discomfort." Raver’s tendrils slowly snaked out from underneath his hoody and dragged across the ground. "This is gonna be a trip trying to get us there since you don’t know the way. Shit. Once we get there, you might have to carry me to the couch because with the best possible outcome I won’t be able to stand; at the worst, I’ll black out for awhile. Oh and if I do black out and we get there, Change’s gonna be there to see what’s wrong. Just let him know the situation if he asks". Raver grabbed Archer by the arm and hoisted him up, holding him close before concentrating on his living room. 

Suddenly, darkness surrounded them and they appeared before a spacious living room. Raver suddenly fell to the floor, letting go of Archer in the process. He hadn’t blacked out, but he was close to it. Raver groaned, his skin furrowing where his eyes would be and spreading his body out in exhaustion. "Fuck….."

Archer wobbled a bit but was no where close to collapsing into a heap like Raver did. Was Archer really more tolerant to alcohol now? He sighed and glanced around the room, the darkness seemingly absent to Archer and to his surprised Raver had managed to get them directly into a living room.
“You know Raver even drunk you still amaze me.” He complimented yanking Raver up with his white tendrils. “Now sleep this off before you embarrass yourself anymore.” He said practically dumping him on the couch with a bounce from it’s springs.

"Mmm… thanks, Archer. You… go get some sleep too. I should… be better come morning. And… less horny then too…" He said, perfectly blunt as he still felt the effects of the alcohol. His regeneration helped to numb the effects of the alcohol slowly, giving him a brief amounts of clarity here and there. 

As Raver lay on the couch, Change, Raver's proxy peaked in from around the corner. Raver shooed him off with a hand, letting him know that everything was alright and that he should leave the two alone. Change immediately knew what Raver had been up to during his late night antics and, noticing that Archer was in the room, moved towards him. "Hey Archer. His bedroom’s in here if you’re looking for it. I’ll take care of him." He motioned for Archer to follow, turning on his heels and walking back around the corner. He led Archer to Raver’s room and said goodnight "Oh, and Archer… if you treasure your innocence, don’t go looking in his closet for clothes. If you want, I could get you a pair of clothes and wash the ones you have on. They look like they haven’t been washed in awhile."

Archer’s face was still stuck in ‘cringe mode’ after what Raver said before.
“Thanks for the heads up there. By the way. You might be his proxy, but you don’t have to serve me like one. I’m a friend, not a master or what ever.” He said settling it there. Archer then moved towards the bedroom with a wobble, almost tripping over the coffee table. He stopped and glanced back at Change, the Slender’s pale completion glowing on one side from the natural light of the window.
“Good night kid, give me a nudge if Sir shit-head awakes. I would rather not wake up with him cuddling me… again.” He grumbled his last word.

"Well as a FRIEND, I’m offering to wash your clothes for you. I just like to help out is all. Raver doesn’t use me as a servant anyways, more like a friend with benefits. Not the kind you might be thinking of, though. Just stuff like hunting for him, cleaning, stuff like that. Let me know in the morning if you’d like me to, as a friend, wash your clothes for you if you want to take a shower." He was leaving the room as Archer said goodnight, so he came back in to lean against the door frame to talk a bit more. "Listen Archer, I know he hits on you a lot and he might give you some bad vibes that are reminiscent of a certain someone, but even if he was drunk off his ass like he is now he wouldn’t actually try anything with you. He doesn’t do that kind of thing." He shifted as if he was mildly uncomfortable talking about such a sensitive topic to him with someone he barely ever sees, but he continued regardless. "I mean yeah, it’s kinda obvious to me that he likes you as more than a friend, and he’ll probably never stop liking you in that way, but he wouldn’t… he wouldn’t do what Offender does. It’s hard to see it, very hard in fact, but he does have a sense of morality. I know you’ll never see him in the same way he sees you, and I think that deep down he knows that too, but he still has hope that if he’s persistent enough maybe one day you will. Well… I should say he fantasizes that. Hope seems too strong a word." Standing up straight from his position on the door frame, he placed his hands into his pockets But anyways, I’m rambling. I’ll let you get some sleep. "Goodnight, Archer. And don’t worry, even if I have to stay up all night long I’ll make sure that he doesn’t wake up and come cuddle you to death." Change gave Archer a wink before heading out the door to see Raver.

By the time Change arrived at the living room, Raver had already passed out and was now softly mumbling in his sleep. Change grabbed a big blanket that just barely fit the length of Raver’s body and threw it over him, getting him comfortable. Change smiled, turning off the lights and sitting down in a chair. Bathed in darkness, he grabbed his phone from his pocket and began playing some games on silent to help him stay awake. He wasn’t going to allow Raver to get to Archer, because even if Archer WAS joking Change still knew that if Raver woke up he would not hesitate to do exactly what Archer feared would happen.

It was early morning and the sun was starting to cut through the windows. All was quiet, so was Archer. He hadn’t made a noise all night. Change who was still up with sore and tired eyes decided to check on the guest Slender. Opening the door to the bedroom he was surprised to find an empty room. The bed was neatly laid, and on top of the bed was two large green apples for them.

A simple gesture of showing how grateful he was for having such awesome friends.


Undertale - Grillby's Bar
* want some ketchup?

Grillby model arrived for the new year and what a better way to start it off? Chilling with Sans at Grillby's bar. I also fell for Sans' ketchup prank.

(Comments would be lovely guys, seriously. Please give me your thoughts, as I will most likely want to post art sooner this way! Motivation, you know?) :) (Smile)

2016 Summary of Art
Been a hell of a year of SFM. Undertale and Overwatch both took my imagination. My sister got married and is now gunna make me a auntie, and my boyfriend keeps asking what type of rings I like. (He's not sly, but even if it's a bottle cap I will still say yes :blush: )


2016 template - DustBunnyThumper

2016 Summary of Art BLANK by DustBunnyThumper
Undertale - Leaving the Ruins
'The adventure truly begins...'

This is the result of a scene build going a little OTT. I know the forest isn't as detailed as this in the game. (mind you it's a pixel game, so I think I'm pardoned.) Any images with Frisk in will pretty much reflect my own feelings I felt when I played the game. Here, it was caution. It was a really creepy part of the game and I loved the introduction of Sans the Skeleton the most.

(Comments would be lovely guys, seriously. Please give me your thoughts, as I will most likely want to post art sooner this way! Motivation, you know?) :)




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