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September 17, 2009
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They said it would end soon...
This infection...

For me I was lucky, the infection has not reached my hometown yet and has given me time to prepare for the worst. People from the south were evacuating to the north towards the Safe Zone for protection by the army. I called my brother Leo about my plan of holding out while the infection passes. He agreed and moved into my apartment with some supplies. He lives by the Airport down south from me. He never stops complaining to me how much he misses the buildings, free running the rooftops with his friends known as a Concrete Jungle Runners. Leo took free running to the extreme by duck taping his trouser legs and his hooded sweatshirt arms. Leo just told me it stops his clothes flapping and catching onto things when he runs along. Yeah right.

We were told by CEDA or also known as Civil Emergency and Defence Agency to watch the Chopper 5 News for information on the virus every night. CEDA call this deadly virus 'Green Flu'. My blood turned cold as I saw the images the chopper had filmed in the streets just a few miles south from Leo's hometown. Riot policed lined up ready for an attack from the infected people, the news reader described this as a blood thirsty massacre.

One day flowed by...

Getting food and water wasn't much of a problem as Leo can run quite literally over the buildings to the shops. He went out to loot the shops with a black backpack and his dark blue sweatshirt with the hood up. He came back hours later with the backpack full of canned food and dropped to on the floor for me to look at. I crouched down next to the bag, looking inside it and pulled out a can of what appeared to be dog food; I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
"Eh? Why did you get this Leo?" I asked showing him the can. He pulled his hood back looking at the can then at me with a grin.
"I thought you like that sort of stuff Tallula!" He said as his grin grew bigger. I pouted at him smiling at his joke. Leo has always made me happy in my darkest times even if he can be a total prick.
"Yeah I love dog food." I said sarcastically looking in the bag and then at him.
"Is that all you got?" I asked, the smile on his face faded into a cold stare.
"I'm sorry Sis, the shops all over town have been wiped clean by others. There is too many of those things to go running around, I had to come back quickly." He said.  
"There is nothing left out there for us now." He said with a muffed voice. I hung my head in shame.
"You did you best!" I said brightly to cheer him up. He looked over at the TV and stared at it for a brief moment before he spoke.
"Have you heard anything from CEDA?" He asked. I shook my head slowly and stood up.
"I have had nothing all day. The radio is dead too, phones as well." I said. He went silent before he spoke.
"They have left us to die! The army and this CEDA!" He said as his fist clenched close to his face in anger. I flinched as he shouted.
"Don't blame th-" I was cut off by the sound of screaming, it was coming from down the street.

The sound of smashing of glass, those things must have found some survivors. I looked out of a gap in the window, a camo patterned humvee possibly the army had crashed into the building just a floor below. I couldn't see much, the dust was so thick from the impact. People crawled through the rubble screaming and howling. Voices from below cried, shortly followed by gun shots. Feeling the need to aid them I ran for the door with my heart racing and began pulling the table away from under the handle.  
"I'm coming! Hold on!" I shouted but I was pulled back by Leo. He held me tight covering my mouth.
"Shhhhh! Be quiet and stop being a hero! You don't want those things to find us too!" He whispered loudly into my ear. He uncovered his hand from my mouth to allow me to speak.
"We've got to save them!" I yelled pushing him away from me.  
"Just listen." He said quietly. There was no sound nor screaming, my eyes clouded with tears. Those poor group of people was left to there fate, if I knew they was down there.  He opened his arms and hugged me to comfort my fear.
"I promised that I will protect you."  He said softly.
"I know, but what about those people." I said stuttering.
"Listen to me now Sis, you have to stay strong for me." He said placing his hands on my shoulders gently shaking me to bring me back from my daze. My eyes froze, I was in shock. He placed his arm around me, slowly walked me back in the apartment and sat me down on the sofa.

We stayed in silence as we knew the monsters lurked the apartment below. To cure our hunger we had a simple meal of canned chicken soup; it filled us up a little. During our meal we were very quiet. Our food supply was getting low. I then laid down on one of the sofas, my brother sat on the other reading a week old newspaper to keep his mind busy. After a while he laid down on his sofa. He was quiet and stared blankly, I could tell he was afraid just as much as I was.
"What is going happen to us now?" I asked to break this awkward silence. Leo just sighed and looked at me.
"I mean, like how do we even know we are immune? What are we going to do?" I asked curiously, His look changed to a frown.
"Well we will find out when we get bitten." Leo said then looked at me staring.
"And I guess the only thing we can do, survive." He said slowly then turned over facing his back to me to sleep.
"We will survive this." I said anxiously to cheer myself up, It didn't help. The night dragged on as I couldn't sleep. I was restless, tossing and turning on my sofa knowing those beasts beneath us hungry for our flesh. I sat up looking around the dark room. My brother is sleeping soundly. I got up and slowly walking passed him picking up the torch on the sofa side, I crept around the apartment. I sat down at the dinner table to collect my thoughts and fears that lingered in my head. I began think of those people below us, the ones that were attacked. What had happened to them? Are they even alive?

Something cried inside me, telling me that I have to see these people, to see if they are okay. I walked to the kitchen and took out a knife from the draws. It was heavy but I felt safer with it. I crept to my front door. A table was put under the handle to stop the door handle turning to open. I put the torch down on the floor and lifted the table. It dragged on the floor making a sound, I looked back hoping my brother didn't wake, he didn't. Putting the torch back in my hand, I froze for a moment looking at the door. Fear tightens in my stomach as I gazed at the door. I held my breath and opened the door. It squeaked slightly as it opened poking my head out the door. Straight in front of me a stairway going down is heavily barricaded with PC tables and cupboards. There was a door behind the barricade, apartment number 1. It was wide open and the light was on. I sighed hopelessly then looked up another load of stairs to my left to see door at the end with light beaming underneath. Number 3 was by the side of the apartment. I slowly walked up the stairs sweating and clenching onto my knife handle tight with terror.

The door was already open a little, I push it open creeping through. The first thing I can see is a large pile of black bags and paper just dumped on the side on the corridor. I turned right into a room peering into darkness with the torch, the TV was on pixel the screen and clothes scattered on the floor next to the sofas. The kitchen light was on; I couldn't help but feel curious. The kitchen sides covered in empty food cans and boxes. There might be a chance fresh food is here too. The smell was rancid of something rotting. I held my nose still moving carefully on with the torch in front of me. I stood on tip-toe opening and scanning the cupboards up high for food hopefully not the rotting kind, nothing was left but dust.  

Putting the torch on the kitchen sides I slowly sank to the floor leaning against a cupboard. The wall and a door in front of me were smeared in old blood. Maybe that is what the rancid smell was. I didn't dare myself to go any further. My head fell into my hands. We are cornered with no way out of this building. I felt as if everything is hopeless I started sobbing.
"We have been left for dead." I muttered to myself knowing that my brother was right about CEDA. We should had evacuated north with the others, it is too late for us. The promises they made to us only for us to die in their mistakes. I sat there in sorrow and fear for what must have been 10 minuets. I needed to get back before Leo wakes.

My head shot up as I heard foot steps and coughing coming from the dark room I previously walked through. It was probably Leo looking for me. I stood only to sink quickly behind the kitchen sides, hiding as I saw a tall figure in the darkness. This man is way too tall to be Leo, too tall to be any human being. Watching him as I hid, he limped around the room across from mine looking behind the sofas searching for something. He looked under the coffee table flipping it over in anger, I ducked slightly as he did. He looked odd, one side of his limbs wasn't the same length as the other. Thick green smoke sapped out of his skin. He coughed loudly making me jump a little. My heart started hammering at my rib cage as he got closer to me. He stepped into the light of the kitchen and I could see it all. His skin was covered in grey boils and one side of his face, his chin was consumed in them. A tentacle like thing hung from his mouth. His only eye was cloudy white like as if it was blind. He looks just plain wrong... he is infected. He walked back the way he came in coughing and wheezing.

Curious I leaned over the kitchen side to get a closer look at this thing. My luck turned against me, hand touched the pile of empty cans knocking them to the floor with a loud rattle along with my torch with a pop. The infected man sprung his head round this a hissing noise. He spotted me, screamed and began moving closer.
"Shit!" I shouted as I bolted out of my position dropping the knife. I ran towards the blood covered door slamming it behind me, I locked it with a bolt and backed away. I was in a dark stairway with another door at the top, it must be the rooftop. That rancid smell was coming from in here. I looked at the floor, a corpse not just one or two. A whole pile of copses rotting, some of them with decapitated limps and heads. The floor soaked with old blood and the sound of flies buzzing around as they feasted on them.
"Holy crap." I said stuttering quietly as my eyes widen in shock. I held my mouth trying not to be sick, I swallowed it back down. I was startled as the infected man started viscously smashing that the door from the other side. A hole appeared through it. He reached his arm though the hole swiping at me. I stepped back avoiding his attack, he hissed and hacked continuing to rip apart the door.

Breaking into a sprint with my breathing starting to get heavily I ran towards the door up the stairs stained with blood, making me slip a few times. The roof is a dead end between two large buildings to my sides, no more stairs leading me up to safety. The rain so heavy it soaked me as I ran around in circles then to the edge, leaning over the concrete barrier. The streets littered with burning cars, corpses and the humvee that had crashed into the building below. I ran to the other side nearly out of  breath looking over. An alleyway with a fire stairs leading right to the bottom. I smiled with hope as I jumped onto the platform with rails. I heard a loud scream that rang in my ears behind me, then a hiss. I went to turn around, all of a suddenly I couldn't breathe, something holding my throat, chest and right leg firmly. I quickly looked down at my body, the infected man's tentacle holding me. I was thrown back facing the cloudy sky as he began dragging me towards him, I screamed for mercy as I tried to struggle out of his suffocating grip, digging my heels into the floor. My hands pinned to my side by the tentacle I am unable to free myself. Light headed and choking too much to call for help I was left to my fate. Corners of my eyes began to bleed with darkness and sound began to mute, last thing a remember seeing was a man sprinting towards me holding gun. My hands fell weakly to my side as I slipped unconscious.

Time had passed as slowly came around; I was back in my apartment lying on the sofa still damp from the rain with a blanket over me. I looked with my eyes slightly open down at my feet. Leo was sitting on the end with his head in his hands. Breathing hurt my throat and chest, I started to cough.
"Sis?! Are you awake?" He said rushing to my side grabbing my hand. I was still too weak to open my eyes completely. I tried to speak but only a whimper came out. It hurt too much to move.
"Tallula you bloody idiot." He said as he shook his head. "You could have gotten yourself killed or worse, infected! I told you not to be a hero!"
"Sorry." I weakly whispered.
"You could have died Sis!" He bellowed holding my hand tighter.
"But you kept your promise." I said with a slight smile. He smiled warmly back and reached for his backpack pulling out a bottle of water.
"Here, you need this." He advised holding it out for me. I pulled myself up leaning on my elbow, unscrewing the cap and took a sip.  I cough out the water, my throat stung in pain. My brother pulled me up so I was sitting to comfort my pain. He stood up and studied me with a narrowed look.
"There were people you know, upstairs that need our help." I said with a raspy voice.
"People are always going to be in trouble now Sis, you can't go running out there trying to save them! You need to think of our survival first." He said with a serious tone. I hung my head in thought. I noticed a pistol handle poking out of his pocket, I cleared my throat.
"Where did you get that?" I asked looking inquisitively at the pistol. He reached into his pocket pulling it out.
"I found it  in a holster of a dead copper." He said flipping and scanning it. "I saved your ass with this and you always told me guns where bad." He added holding the pistol in a cocky pose. He's always armed with a gun while free running. Wanted for smuggling guns over the Airport to his acquaintances for extra cash. He was aware I knew this crime, I tried to changed this conversation he hates so much.
"Did you kill it?" I asked intently. He shook his head.
"Shot that ugly thing but it fled as soon as it dropped you. I guess it's not dead." He said as I watched him as he put the pistol back in his pocket.
"What a shame." I frowned glaring at the gun again. "You look like you used it before." I added, he stared at me for a brief moment with a frown.
"Yeah, I have shot a gun before but not at anyone!" He shouted with anger. He hated it when I asked about personal things so I tried again to divert from this conversation.
"What now?" I asked, he looked at me with a blank stare.
"Well like I said survive but you can't do much in your state, just rest while I fix the door again." He said then sighed
"What if they know we are here?" I asked nervously.
"They don't know we are here okay!" He snapped walking off to secure the door with the table. I silenced myself as I knew the stress he was in. I really annoyed him running off.

Time had passed over and my wounds became less painful. More and more of those things filled the street. Nights began to get colder as Fall approached bringing more pain to our lives. My own apartment has become our prison, our dying hole. Sleeping in it seemed impossible with this unforgiving chill seeping through the window gaps. It was coming up to the second week since the outbreak started, with little food things began to look bleak. I dressed in my night clothes with pink and purple coloured bed socks that my mum gave me for Christmas. Sitting on the sofa in our blankets shivering in the darkness of the apartment, Leo stared at me.
"Sis?" He called to me. I looked at him giving him my attention.
"We need food and water, I'm going out soon. I need you to stay here and stay safe, okay?" He said in a serious tone. I shook my head quickly.
"Don't be an idiot, it suicide out there!" I said furiously gesturing my hand towards the door.
"So we starve to death then, is that it?!" He questioned me rising slowly to his feet.
"I will go with you." I said looking up at him holding the blanket firmly around me.
"It's safer here for you. I can out run these meat heads any day!"  He said, I smirked at his joke. "Sis, I promise I will come back." He said with a positive smile.
"Alive that is." I muttered, he heard and stopped for a brief moment.
"Okay, you can come!" He quickly grunted. I was shocked with his sudden change.
"We leave tomorrow morning. So get some rest, you will need it." He warned.
Laying down resting my head on a pillow I curled up for warmth, finally sleeping within the cold shadows. I woke assuming morning was here only to see my brother gone. I darted my head and eyes around the room. Nowhere in site had I begun to understand that he lied to me, to protect me. That stupid fool is going to get himself killed! I through the blanket off of me and ran for the door. The door would not open. I pulled shaking the handle around with frustration, it didn't budge. He locked me in from the other side knowing I would go look for him. I leaned my back to door the and slowly slid down it. Tears soon poured from my eyes fearing he may never come back alive. My hands covered my face as I sobbed.  Locked up in my own apartment, all I can do is wait for his return.

Hours passed by and still no sign of him. Just as I was giving up hope, thudding and screeching suddenly filled upstairs. I stood quickly listening intently. The door shot open as my brother flew in slamming the door behind him. Out of breath he pulled his hood back, rested his hands on his knees breathing deeply. I smiled at his return.
"Your back!" I said in delight unaware of his state. He didn't answer nor look at me, he collapsed forward to the floor with a thud exhausted but still conscious. I rushed to his aid in panic crouching next to him. I shook him and called to him but he only managed to groan at me. I could hear those things running around upstairs. I stayed frozen till it stopped, clinging onto Leo's arm in horror.

After a while what must have been half an hour the sound stopped upstairs. Nothing to kill they left. I stood up trying to lift him up.
"Com' on! You need to get up!" I yelled at him with panic. I couldn't leave him lying there. Crouching down again placing Leo's arm around my shoulders. I lifted him to his feet, he stood shaking. I supported him as we walked slowly towards the sofa, but he was limping. Placing him down on the sofa I leaned his head back on a pillow, his eyes still shut. He looked pale and his black hair began to look thin. I checked Leo's legs to see why he was limping. I was horrified; the flesh of his ankle was hanging off with blood oozing from it, the wound was massive. He must have been bitten. Panic swelled in my head. Leo is losing blood at an alarming rate. I quickly rushed to the kitchen and came back with a towel. He yelled in agony as I placed it on his wound. The pain he felt shot through his leg, nearly kicking me in the face.
"Sorry but the bleeding needs to stop!" I stuttered. It was painful to see him like this but it had to be done. I pressed the towel against the wound for a few minuets. It amazed me, it healed into a scab unusually quick. Knotting the towel around his leg, I then placed it on the coffee table and studied him.

He started groaning lifting his head up and opened his eyes. He looked around then at me confused.
"Tallula? Is i-it you?" he asked weakly. I nodded with a smile.
"Yeah it me alright." I replied. He sighed with relief.
"I told you Sis, that I would return." He said smiling faintly, he then groaned in pain again. "Man, I'm feeling like crap" He complained.
"Like you said, don't be a hero!" I brightly said. He only slightly smiled at my ignorance.  
"They bit me didn't they?" He said frowning looking down at his leg. My heart sank deeply. Leo leaned his head back on the pillow with a relaxed look. "I remember it now, how it happened." I sat next to him listening intently. "It all happened when I began coming back. A group of them found me in the shops and chased me. I climbed up the fire stairs and one of the bastards grabbed my leg and-"  He was cut off by his coughing. He shot forward as the coughing made his whole body shake. "Uh, sorry." He apologized, I shook my head.
"Don't be." I said but he shook his head quickly back at me.
"No not for that Sis, for leaving you." He said in a gritted voice. "This would have never happened, It all my fault!" He said with frustration. I held my head with shock and disbelief. My brother couldn't be... infected?

An hour CEDA said, one hour for the infection to consume its host. My brother was unaware of this fact thinking he had days. Fear silenced me as my brother began coughing again. Blood started dripping from his mouth staining his teeth, he spat out most of it. Everything about Leo I knew is slowly fading away. His kindness, loyalty to me and protectiveness has gone. Now he is someone or something else. I kept my distance from him in the kitchen watching helplessly at his pain.  
"I need to get out of here!" He yelled spitting more blood out while at it. He stood slowly looking at me with his teeth gritted, I was in the kitchen across the room. Without a word I walked over to him placing my hand on his shoulder urging him to sit. He sat back down with his body tensing up as if he is going to thrown a tantrum. Giving him pain pills and the last bottle of water he swallowed two of them in one go. It was the least I could do to help but it wasn't long till he started heaving running to the bathroom, he vomited them back up in the toilet. I continued to watch helplessly at his pain. He could barely walk without nearly falling over.  
"I worked so hard to survive this, I did all the work! Now I'm infected!" He shouted sitting back on the sofa gritting his teeth. He stared at the floor rocking back and forth.
"Take it easy, you will be okay." I said nervously to comfort him.
"More like you will, oh mighty immune one!" He shouted with sarcastic rage. I swallowed my fear and sat next to him placing my hand on his shoulder.
"You will be fine." I said with a fake smile. He turned to face me with a glare.
"Your lying to me!" He snarled and stood quickly gripping his hand around my throat. He then slammed me to a wall. Winded from the slam he slid me up the wall with ease as my feet dangled. I whimpered within his grasp as I held onto his arms kicking my feet. My eyes met with his only to see the brother I knew gone. I wanted to cry out and beg him to stop. I tried to refill my burning lungs with air but his grip was too tight. He moved me down the wall slightly leaned forward so we was face to face.
"Why wasn't I immune?" He whispered with the smell of blood passing his lips. He gripped tighter making me struggle and kick my legs wildly. I managed to kick the wound on his ankle, he howled in pain dropping me. I landed on my hands and knees, coughing and rubbing my throat feeling the air return to my lungs.
"What the hell was that for?!" He said fuming, cradling in ankle to ease the pain.
"Well what do you think? You were strangling me!" I angrily shouted. He gave me a shocked look then looked at his shaking hands.
"I was... doing that?" He stuttered.

He stared blankly at his hands, then began waving them in front of his face. He started looking around spinning quickly.
"I can't see, I'm going blind!" He shouted. I grabbed hold of him to secure him. Maybe his eyes has started to change into that cloudy white colour? It frightens me to think this.  
"Take me to the door! Now!" He shouted requesting. I pushed him gently towards the door. He placed his hands sliding them up and down on the door searching for the handle. I reached for his wrist and grabbed it placing his hand on the handle. He opened it and suddenly fell to his knees holding his throat coughing. More blood came dripping out.
"Tallula… d-don't go looking for m-me… p-please… And I have.. a-always loved you as y-your… br-brother." Leo stuttered before coughing and vomiting up blood once more. I leaned down touching his shoulder to comfort him, he suddenly lashed his arm at me.
"Stay away from me Sis!" He warned with a hasty tone. His voice and breathing all of a sudden sounded wrong, it sounded like if he had something lodged in his throat. He got up wiping the blood off his mouth. He then placed his hand on the wall for balance and walked up the stairs. He stopped half way pulling the pistol out of his pocket flicking his hood over his head.
"Go in Sis! I need… to e-end this!" He demanded angrily. I didn't delay, I didn't want to feel his wrath again. I shut the door and assume he made his way to the rooftop to end the suffering. I sat in the door way waiting for the sound. I started weeping as I heard a gunshot. He did it, he ended his suffering.

That night I sat in the corner of my bedroom hugging my knees knowing I was alone. The cold didn't help my starving belly and fading strength. I just could not starve to death, I didn't want to die this way or anyway. The pain torments me every time it groaned. But the thought lingered in my mind. Did he end himself? The more I thought about it the more curious I got. Curious but scared at the same time. I might have a chance of surviving if I leave, maybe the evacuation point is close to here. My brother sacrificed himself to give me a chance. I decided to take the risk. I took my brother's backpack stuffing clothes into it. I carefully made my way to the rooftop holding my nose as I past the rotting bodies. The fire stairs was the only way down to the ground floor, the other stairs are blocked.

I paused at the top of the last stairs. My brother came up to finish his pain, terror washed over me. I slowly opened the door shutting my eyes imaging his body lying on the other side. I opened them. Only Leo's pistol is there, I picked it up and studied it. I looked around for his body, but nothing remained. Maybe those things found and ate his body? I felt sick just thinking of it. I froze as I heard something... a growling noise.

It sounded like an aggressive dog but bigger. I quickly looked around then looked up, a dark hooded figure standing on the taller building next to the one I'm on. It had to be him, my beloved brother Leo. He just stood there still as stone staring down that me. I felt a smile appear on my face. My brother is alive. I curled my hand over my mouth.
"Leo!" I called to him with delight. The smile on my face died away as he growled making me shiver in fright. It was him that was making the animalistic noise. He crouched down placing his hands on the ledge. Its too late to turn and run inside. How I wish I stayed in my bloody apartment for once rather than find death again. He then made a long purring sound shortly followed by vicious growling. I tighten my hand on the pistol fearing I might be needing it. He lowered himself rubbing his shoulder blades together with his eyes fix on me. I could see the danger coming. He was going to jump at me like a cougar pouncing on its prey, I lifted the pistol and fired.

A loud screech followed by gunshots echoed down the alleyways. My death never came, I stopped lowering my pistol staring at where I shot. I waited for the dust to clear. He was gone, I shot nothing but the building he stood on. He got away and now he knows I'm here all by myself. I can't go on, I have to turn back to my apartment. He will kill me if I continue on. What has my beloved brother become? He is not like the other infected, mindless and weak. The noise he made was like a raged animal, it still rang in my ears. Maybe he was becoming a evolved infected that CEDA mention before, like the tall man before? This is all still too hard to believe. This is all bullshit.

Yet again I locked myself in my apartment. I'm tried, hungry and possibly insane with this madness. Dragging the blankets to my bedroom I shoved the pistol under my pillow just in case of trouble. Firing that pistol was something, but the feel of shooting at my brother haunted me. My head filled with fears, my brother had become a monster. I was shooting at a monster. My eyes shut tight I hope this is all a dream. Hours flowed by as I finally fell asleep. From my slumber I woke suddenly to hear a ripping noise coming from the kitchen. I got up quickly to investigate this sound walking with caution as I might not be alone in the apartment. I spotted a small hole appearing on the back wall of my kitchen. A chunk of the wall fell, and then the whole wall fell toward. Bolting backwards I hid behind a wall then under the dinner table staring at the opening intently fearing the worst. I saw a figure walk through the dust filled gap.

Leo found my apartment and he knew I was here. Just like out childhood times of 'hide and seek' I would hide and he would seek me out only this time its 'hide and kill'. I watched him crawl in on his fingertips and tiptoes growling loudly, his inhuman like razor sharp talons on his fingertips. He lifted his head up sniffing the air. I couldn't believe it; he was trying to catch my scent. It must of been how he found me, his way of 'hunting' me down. His head darted toward my position, I didn't dare to move. His eyes cloudy white as if his soul had frozen inside him. I could only see the faint outline of his iris where his blue once was. I wasn't sure if he knew I was here, I held my ground waiting as still as possible. He got closer and closer to me so close I could hear him breathing. I am helpless and at his mercy without my pistol. Why didn't I bloody take it? My nerves shattered, I panicked and sprung out of my spot. He shrieked making my heart skip a beat and leapt for me. I ducked avoiding his tackle luckily with ease. Running, I jumped over the sofa, around the corner and slammed my bedroom door.    

Sweating with panic I leaned on the door. I'm now cornered in my own bedroom. I could hear him banging and clawing at the door. With all my might I tried to hold it back but the hinges of the door broke, it fell forward nearly crushing me. My eyes filled with tears, I knew I was going to die. He slowly walked in glaring at me with those soulless eyes. I remembered the pistol is under the pillow. I stepped back staring back at him. I turned quickly launching myself towards the pillow lying on the bed belly down. I lifted the pillow, it wasn't there. It slid behind the bedside. Heavy weight began suffocating me. He was on top of me pinning me down with his knee crushing my back. I screamed, pleaded as he placed his hand under my chin and the other on my forehead. He gripped on, claws digging into my flesh making it bleed. I could feel Leo's cold, heavy breathing passing my collarbone. I shivered, fearing what he will do next. He twisted my neck. A snap followed by my silence. Everything went dark as I now lie sleeping... forever.

By C. Fowler 2009

19 hours to write this... phew!

:thumb141558022: Other side of story

My first story I have written in years finally came out of my head, horror is always so frilling! :D There might be a few errors cause of my dyslexia (meaning I can't spell very well), but I never let it stop me writting this. What better story to base it from an Left 4 Dead? I love that game more than Halo 3! Nothing better than killing the undead. :zombie:

Yeah, the characters don't have names so that is up to you. I'm sorry if the ending is disappointing. :(
If you have the game you will see the body of the girl lying on the bed in the apartments.

Picture up top is mine and if you wish to comment it [link]

Tallula's body: [link]

(Changes may happend over time to fix problems within the text.)

(19/03/10 I gave the characters names and change the text slightly.)

Copyrights to Left 4 Dead
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You like? lol I always considered horror to never really end well.
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Yeah but god damn
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